Balance in work life


When ever I am out traveling, I always have my eyes open to find out what the local bars and restaurants are serving up. Last week was a real pleasure getting to spend 5 days at the Kempinski in Budapest. Kind of a fancy place, right in the centre of if. I knew that I was going to look for any new 100% Cabernet Franc from Villany that I could… more 

Prague drinks IWCoK


Our first ever wine show for the club and happy to say we walked away feeling good. The wines we served from were really popular (the Riesling stole the show) and we collected nearly 50 new contacts interested in our club! more 

Pick your favorite wines of 2014 and win a prize!


Like the start of every year, we at IWCoK like to reflect on the previous year. 2014 was hectic. New job, never home, two teenagers to feed and appease, lots of travel, garden destroying dog, crap the Euro going up again, etc etc. I am sure each one of you have your own version of the same. Indeed, it isn't easy for any of us. When it came to wine… more 

Box Of Bubbles alias No “Bohemka” this Year


We of course wouldn’t leave you without our traditional Box of Bubbles this new year. So once again, we have selected 4 high quality sparkling wines for your New Year party at the discount price of just 999 Kč. In the box: Ribota Moscato – Always a hit. This semi dry sparkling wine has a very low alcohol contant making it a super aperitif especially for those members of your family who prefer something a bit sweeter. If your on your own, try this wine with some spicey food. VPV-Praha more 

Your 2013 Wines of the Year


Selecting the winners of the 2013 IWCoK Wine awards was no easy task. I can hardly believe that we offered our members a total of 99 different wines in 2013. A selection so huge that is was clearly difficult for members to choose a favorite. So once the votes were counted, a total of 21 different wines were selected as YOUR FAVORITE. That’s right, 21 ! I am not sure… more 

What was your Favorite in 2013?


It is time for our Wine of the Year awards and once again, YOU are the judge! In 2013, we had the opportunity to sample a total of 99 wines throughout the year including our Top Drops. Amazing. But now it is up to you to remember which once you liked the best . And to help get everybody talking, everybody who votes will be entered into our annual prize… more 

TOP Drop December 2013


Since it is Christmas, we are doing two Top Drops! Our first Top Drop was a special request from one of our members and indeed it is something completely different. A semi-dry Gewurztraminer from Alsace. This Alsace Grand Cru by Henri Martischang has all the tributes of a fine Gewurztraminer. Slightly sweet but not oily, and a short dry finish. This is a great wine for fish, turkey as well… more 

Box of Bubbles


We are getting an early start this year for Christmas and especially New Year with our annual Box of Bubbles. As always, we are putting in 4 fine sparkling wines in one box for 999 Kč. No “Bohemka” HERE. This years box does have a heavy Italian flavor, but with so many great styles to choose from, IWCoK jumped right on the boat Ceci Rock. This winery is a regular… more 

TOP Drop November 2013


After a hit last month, I want the same water tested again Tuscany. Our Top Drop this month was 2007 Rovo Montescudaio from Poggio Gagliardo. This is a hearty red with a good dose of tannins. It's not "easy" wine for couch-ing! It's a very full-bodied, dry wine with lots of tannins, which looks great piece of red meat as a companion on the table. As can be expected, it… more 

Give something better this Christmas


Knowing what not to give is just as important as knowing what is just right.  Let IWCoK give you some ideas! If our December box, 2 different Top Drops and the annual “Box of Bubbles” sparkling wine collection are not enough, ask us for some Christmas suggestions. It’s not too late and we will be glad to help. more