TOP Drop October 2013


With a Gidondas and a Sancerre in our box this month, our Top Drop had be better than great. It has to be exceptional. So, this month we present Casalferro 2008, from Barone Ricasoli. Casalferro is considered by experts as the best (note – not “one of“, but “THE” best) Merlot from Chianti and a top contender for the whole of Italy. This 100% Merlot is second to none. Wine… more 

TOP Drop September 2013


This month’s Top Drop is a famous white wine from Burgundy. Indeed we are talking about Chablis. Chablis is a town and region from the northern part of Burgundy and this white wine is almost exclusively made of Chardonnay. But, depending on exactly how and where in the region it hails, you will find very different tastes. Typically, as this is not a really warm region, these wines are very… more 

Top Drop August 2013


Too good not to share. This month we offer our first white wine ever in our Top Drop offer. No longer a surprise that we keep finding great Austrian wines – what shocks me is that they keep getting better and better. Our wine this month is a Gruner Veltliner from Roland Minkowitsch. If it sounds familiar, you are right. We had it in out White wine box offer this… more 

The IWCoK Summer Tour T-Shirt is here


What better way to celebrate the “Summer of your Life” than with an IWCoK Commemorative T shirt sponsored by our favorite Sicilian winery – Baglio di Pianetto! The Baglio over your heart  /  IWCoK detail accentuates your bis even without tattoos! And all available in the color of your choice for just 200 Kč! (just drop us a mail with your size and color choice) So get in on the… more 

TOP Drop July 2013


It is always the fun part trying out something new and this month is a cuvee that I had never tried before. This months Top Drop Is Sarica Rosa from the venetian winery Pisoni (the same people that did half our Alp box this month. What makes this wine special is that it is the first time I have ever had a Pinot Noir / Syrah mix. I didn’t dare… more