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When ever I am out traveling, I always have my eyes open to find out what the local bars and restaurants are serving up. Last week was a real pleasure getting to image1spend 5 days at the Kempinski in Budapest. Kind of a fancy place, right in the centre of if.

I knew that I was going to look for any new 100% Cabernet Franc from Villany that I could find. This is one of my very favorite red wines and outside of Villany, it is pretty rare to find it in it’s pure form. I started with the Weninger & Gere 2009 Selection that was recommended to me by my colleague. A little too dry for me leaving me wanting more of that fruit and tannin finish.  The Hummel Panterra I had the second night at Terminal was excellent (yes these were the guys also showing at Praha Pije Vino), and I also spotted a Kiss Gabor “Code” in a new red and white label (the 2008 was one of my ALL TIME favorites).

Surprisingly enough it was an unexpected Villany cuvee this time that stole the show. Sauska Cuvee 7 (Cab Franc, Merlot and Cab Sauvignon in equal measures) was the undistributed winner.

One other thing. If there was ever ANY DOUBT abouthte quality of some of hte Romanian wines we put in out box, just ask the sommelier at the Kempinski and the other wine shops I visited. I found Balla Geza everywhere!