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March Madness

March 2022

March Madness used to have another meaning for me. Normally, it referred to the Basket Ball championships in the US. Today it is more likely to describe what is happening in Europe, or the fact that despite crazy inflation and a 2nd mortgage every time you fill your car with fuel, we can still find highly rated wines at affordable prices. I want to believe it is the last one… more 

Open up

February 2022

Lets keep it real With what is happening in Europe right now, writing about wine feels odd and wrong. So, enjoy the wines please, share with friends, and most of all pray for peace and safety for all. Enjoy and be safe - M more 

2022 Here we go!

January 2022

Here we go into another new year. IWCoK is as excited as always to hunt out new wines that will bring happiness and joy to so many peoples weekend dinners (or Tuesday night sofa and Netflix lethargy) . What ever works for you, we have a selection this month that spans both the New and Old worlds. Our whites start in the rolling hills just across the border in Austria.… more 

Best of BOX

December 2021

This Christmas at IWCoK we have just one message for everybody in our Wine House, and that is Thank You. It needs to be said that it is because OF YOU, that we are celebrating our 10th Christmas at IWCoK.  Ten years of monthly fun, new tastes, smells and wine adventures. I never thought we would still be here after the first year, but you guys have put a lot… more 

Latin pro Listopad

November 2021

Latin like style, flavour and temperament. Passion. That was what we wanted with a box of big red from across the Latin countries and a chance to sample a host of varietal whites from across the world. We concentrated our white selection tis month on Sauvignon Blanc. Typically, green and crisp that goes well as an aperitive or with white fish, or salty foods.  The three wines all have varying… more 

Malbec time

October 2021

I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate if we completely ignored one of the most prominent red wine varieties in the world, even though I missed World Malbec Day in April. So, with exactly 6 months of additional aging ,  IWCoK brings you a Malbec month special. I ran into 3 Malbec a few months back and knew they had to come to the club. Two from Bordeaux and one from… more 

Wine Gang

September 2021

There is a new Wine Gang in town with a mission – to bring quality wines of the world to your table at affordable prices.  And even though they are concentrating exclusively on the Gastro trade for the moment, it looks like this is the beginning of a long IWCoK relationship. Whites this month are all about one thing - Chardonnay.  Do your own comparison of the French, Italian and… more 

Cotes de Cotes

August 2021

This month we travel to France where I take a lot of “Artistic Freedom” in the name and selection.  In other words, welcome to a French wine ”Mix” and a few grapes a little less travelled. For our whites, we start with Sauvignon Gris that is not Italian, and then move on to a slightly tart Muscadet. We round out the whites with a couple of party wines and more… more 

La Fatorria

July 2021

Summer is finally here, and we are heading south to Italy with a selection of wines from our old friends at La Fattoria. Our whites start from Italy’s “Sunshine State” of Sicily and make their way up to the Tuscan hillside.  And not to miss a hot spot, a Lugana form the shores of Lago di Garda is also included with that lovely finish, that keeps bringing us back for… more