Past offers

Of Corse

June 2021

We continue our summer tour to a less travelled (and less tasted) destination this month – Corsica! Welcome to a land of Vermentino and a host of indigenous red varieties that will be new to many of you. Corsica has a long winemaking history, but it was only after Corsica’s most famous son of a wine makers family  (Napoleon Bonaparte) came to power did the islands wines begin to expand… more 

Holiday Fever

May 2021

The beaches of Spain of the South of France? It looks like we may even have a choice of destinations this summer. But no matter what, IWCoK has you covered on both beaches with our Holiday Fever, welcome to sunshine box. A first stop in Provence – works for us. We have a lovely French Vermentino (Rolle in local speak) from those rolling hills of lavender that is sure to… more 

Golden Box

April 2021

Gold, Gold Gold. Our April box could be called a collection of Prague Wine Trophy’s best of the best. With three Premium Gold Medals a Gold and a Silver, this box from our friends at Aperittivo has more hardware than you will find at Hornbach. Our white wines are led this month by a lite, subtle Italian Pecorino.  A hint of flowers makes this low acidity wine very easy to… more 

Tavern of the Seas

March 2021

Few people outside of the country know that Cape Town in South Africa has the nick name of Tavern of the Seas. Amazing what a google search can do for the name of a box of wine in March. Who cares about accuracy, I just thought it would be cool 😉 to pair up with this month’s African offer ! About the only thing I know about South African wine… more 

A Cellar in Town

February 2021

When we at IWCoK talk about the cellar in town, we can only be referring to one place – Cellarius. Be it French, Czech, Italian or new world, these guys bring us the world one bottle at a time. So what treasures have we dug up this February? Start with two bottles of a Czech and Austrian Veltliner. Grown just a few (hundred) kilometers apart, but with radically different tastes.… more 


January 2021

IWCoK starts this year with a wish for all our members. That everybody goes into to this one with more optimism than we finished 2020 with, and that we can all start to meet and greet like we did just 1 year ago.  This is super important because, IWCoK will be 10 years old in 2021, and “Management” have decided we will be celebrating all year long ! So lets… more 

Close to home

December 2020

Another feature of 2020 is that we will all be spending the holidays somewhere near home. Forget about skiing and a New Year’s party with the whole gang, and hunker down to something closer to a visit with family or a neighbor, board games with the kids, and what is left of Netflix that you haven’t seen yet. Let IWCoK help where we can – this Christmas we have concentrated… more 

Give Me Light

November 2020

When the world around us is getting us down, we decided to keep things light this month with a variety of fabulous wines with a low alcohol content. Light and refreshing to keep you at your best going into the holidays! What better way to start off with a Vinho Verde. The slightly effervescent wine is perfect for lunch, when you don't need a cloudy head for the afternoon activities.… more 

Good Deal Awards

October 2020

Forget about the world outside and look at what's inside. This month's box has an average Vivino rating of over 3.8, with 5 wines with a 3.9 score or higher. That is what we call a good deal and all brought to us from our friends at Vino Vyhodne. Our whites start with a light flowery Vermentino form Sicily with all the sun and floral perfume that goes along with… more