TOP Drop December 2013


Since it is Christmas, we are doing two Top Drops!

topsOur first Top Drop was a special request from one of our members and indeed it is something completely different. A semi-dry Gewurztraminer from Alsace. This Alsace Grand Cru by Henri Martischang has all the tributes of a fine Gewurztraminer. Slightly sweet but not oily, and a short dry finish. This is a great wine for fish, turkey as well as anything  spicy. And given that little extra sugar, it has a very silky full flavor.

Importer: Chez Greg
Retail price: 549 Kč
IWCoK while it lasts price: 500 Kč

And now to the other side of the wine world.

Our second Top Drop is a mind boggling Amarone, heavy and rich enough to tip every scale. Amarone is arguably the KING of Italian reds and this  2009 from Massimago is sitting on the throne.

Amarone gets its’ special character from letting the grapes partially dry before being crushed. This pushes the sugar content up and the alcohol. This wine is exceptional in every way: rich full bodied taste, a huge alcohol content at 16.5% and a price that will make sure you only drink it on very special occasions. (Red meat with this one, nothing else will do).

Importer: Wine Food Market
Retail Price: 1 699 Kč
IWCoK while supplies last price: 1 549 Kč