Pick your favorite wines of 2014 and win a prize!


Like the start of every year, we at IWCoK like to reflect on the previous year. 2014 was hectic. New job, never home, two teenagers to feed and appease, lots of travel, garden destroying dog, crap the Euro going up again, etc etc. I am sure each one of you have your own version of the same. Indeed, it isn’t easy for any of us. nej vína 2014

When it came to wine last year, we had the chance to sample 90 different wines from 11 different countries. They came from all over Europe including new member countries Romania and Bulgaria, and also north and south America. This is the variety we have come to expect and will definitely be on the agenda for the years to come.

So now it is your turn to select your candidate for the BEST WINE of 2014.
Everyone sending in their pick will be entered into our GRAND PRIZE draw to get their chance to win a bottle of my favorite Bordeaux blend of 2010 – Kometa from the makers of No Man’s Land in Bulgaria. Trust me – very, very good stuff.

So to jog your memories, here is a little help:

So don’t be left out of the big prize draw and your chance to ride the Kometa! Just send us a note to michaela@iwcok.cz with your top 3 picks for 2014. We can’t wait to see your top picks!

Photos to help you pick: