Prague drinks IWCoK


And they drank, and drank and drank …

Our first ever wine show for the club and happy  to say we walked away feeling good. The wines we served from were really popular (the Riesling stole the show) and we collected nearly 50 new contacts interested in our club! How many will hop on our wine cruse of fun ? To soon to say, but we are happy that we were seen by a couple 1000 people and could spread the IWCoK gospel :-)

To all our friends that came by to support us, a BIG THANK YOU. You made the 20 hours of wine talk fly by. And a special thanks to Tomas Pavlik from Zamek Lobec who was without question the “Salesman of the Month”¬†spending the entire Saturday with us. Indeed, it is about time we get back to the cellar under Lobec for another tasting.

And now that we have our IWCoK roll-up, look out for us everywhere ! :-)


PHOTOS from the event: