Past offers

Happy Easter

April 2023

For Easter this year, we took on two themes. First was France from where we fill our box, and the second was Fresh, like the clear skies of spring. Plenty inside for a feast this Easter. We split our whites from the South and west of Bordeaux, then finished up with two phenomenal Sauvignons from the Loire. Crisp and full of that mineral “slate” taste that makes them so distinct.… more 

Love, Wine, Rock and Roll

March 2023

We get to “Get you Motor Running” this March. We are all about Rock and Roll this month all wrapped up in a blanket of love. When you run into to the winery WNR (Wine and Roses), it is something you can’t ignore. And once they have your attention, the list of hardware (awards) they have is the deal maker. Read their stories on the Aperittivo where you learn how… more 

Golden Tuesday

February 2023

February is a Golden Tuesday (at least the Golden bit is accurate..) Our February box is full of Prague Gold medal winners. Lots to look forward to. Our white’s this golden 2nd month of the year concentrate on Veltin. Two Austrian entries (we all agree, they do the best Veltlins of anyone) bring two different styles, one fruitier, and the second more full of mineral flavour. This months “out pf… more 

First place

January 2023

The start of ANOTHER year with IWCoK. Yes baby, we are going into year twelve with a focus on two big F’s. France and Fresh. Fresh because I found a couple fantastic Sauvignon Blanc that really hit the mark for their price. I love that crisp, peachy and mineral filled flavour that gives you the feeling your mouth has been ‘detailed’. Super clean. And what better than after cleaning up… more 

Jingle Jingle

December 2022

Where does the time go ?  Another Christmas holiday is on our doorstep and I still haven’t finished all the books I received last year. We did manage to finish all the wine though… So, if you are like me, we are in luck. December brings a new selection of delights for your holiday table. What did we do special for this December box ? Honestly – EVERYTHING. We are… more 


November 2022

Many things Arrive in November. For some it is the Beaujolais Nouveau (est arrive) or Svato-Martinsky or as simple as the November box from IWCoK. What ever camp you are in, we (as usual) have you covered with a selection of fresh wines that fit the spirit of “New, Light and Fresh”. This month’s whites are a mix of Austrian Veltliner, French Chardonnay and an Italian Pinot. All are crisp… more 


October 2022

Some things in life are best unchanged and To Be Continued. Most importantly your membership at IWCoK. So, we just wanted to give a special thanks to you all for your continued support. What are we celebrating this month?  Well, we have a couple of simple Slovenian wines that will be great for a glass or two mid- week, and move up through some serious French regions ending in Bordeaux… more 

Chasing Portuguese Sun

September 2022

This month we look west for a catch of fresh and sunny Portuguese wines all from a new IWCoK supplier – Organic Wines. Get ready for lots of Vinho Verde and big plum filled reds – Its’ Portugal time. The most iconic Portuguese white is without question Vinho Verde. Made primarily from Alvarinho, they come in a variety of presentations from inexpensive, low alcohol everyday wines, lightly effervescent wines and… more 

The South and the East

August 2022

This month we opened up a map of Europe and decided to travel to the extremes of the (wine) continent. Sure, we bring you some summer holiday favourites (Grillo, Chianti) but also some rarer varieties that we needed to travel a bit to find. South ern Italy is a good summer holiday spot, but how many of us get to the very bottom of Italy or the isle of Sardinia… more