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Time to relax

December 2019

As we move to the last days of 2019, now is the time to relax and forget about anything and everything that worried you this year. What better way to help you do that than sitting down with a lovely glass of wine from the best decision you made in 2019 -  IWCoK. This years holiday we have done our Christmas shopping with some old friends at Vino Vyhodne, a… more 


November 2019

November brings a few things to our calendar. The Thanksgiving party our friends through every year, Black Friday and the start of holiday shopping madness, and most importantly the light at the end of the year long tunnel. Yep the year is almost gone. This Thanksgiving we decided to take a selection of wines from the Loire valley in France. Famous for Sauvignon and Cabernet Frank, we have added some… more 

Colors of fall

October 2019

Probably the best thing about the fall is the color all around you. That was our inspiration this month, to find a box of wine with all those different colors and tastes, from around the world with a collection of medals around their necks. Our fall tour starts with two different Sauvingnon. Marlborough is the region of New Zealand that produces what many think is the worlds best, but we… more 

Le Tour

September 2019

It is the event that lands right in the middle of every summer holiday. Le Tour (de France) spans July and 21 places across the country - some even known for wine! This month we try to do the same as we travel across France with Chez Greg to discover some new blends in old regions. We find our first white near to the famous Mount Ventoux. In the shadow… more 

An Italian Tour

August 2019

This month we pass through the valleys a few Italian regions, sampling the treasures along the way. Soave, Dolcetto, Pecorino (no, not the cheese) are all stops on our August tour. The whites provide a mix of the classic to the unfamiliar.  A Pinot Grigio is of course with us. This light, easy to drink wine is undoubtedly the most tested Italian wine in your fridge. We also bring in… more 

It’s Verde Again!

July 2019

Vinho Verde with IWCoK in summer is a sure thing. Why in the hottest month in the year would we look any further for light refreshing wines? Answer = we wouldn't and that is why we come back to this part of Europe EVERY summer :-) Vinho Verde here we come. Without question these are my favorite white wines when the weather is hot. Not warm days, I'm talking 30+.… more 


June 2019

The first days of summer bring the first wines of summer. Indeed this month is all about the "Primi". Nothing to do with primitive wines or culture, Primitivo (or primi) is about the first grapes to be harvested. These are wines associated with the southern half of Italy, where the hot sun ripens the grapes quickly, concentrating the sugar inside to make them very full bodied, fruity and strong. So… more 

Big and bigger

May 2019

Big and bold. That is what we are accustomed to with Bulgarian wines, and the reason we come back to the region year after year. But is there a limit to the power of these wines  ? IWCoK is going to test het limits this month with a number of BIG hitters. First point of note is  we are presenting wines for the first time from one of BGs premier… more 

Southern flavors

April 2019

This month we go south – Deep South. The kind of south only Chile and Argentina can bring to our tables. So back to our South American specialist Vicom for a tour de force of chardonnay, cabernet and Malbec. Start off with a simple pinot gris before exploring the deep reserva’s of chardonnay in his months box. Banana, pineapple and vanilla ever-present. Buttery and think with that fruity punch. To… more