Past offers

Austrian collection

August 2020

For many of us, the 2020 summer holiday season meant a combination of home improvement, a domestic camping trip and maybe a long weekend in the Austria. We at IWCoK did all 3 and are happy to bring to you what we found on our trip. An assortment of Austrian Gruner Veltliner! These Austrian white wines have been all the rage these past few years. Fresh, earthy and a little… more 

Portuguese summer

July 2020

Even if your plans this summer are completely different, there will be one thing that you can count on - warm weather and Vinho Verde with IWCoK! Light crisp white wines from Portugal are what we look for in warmer months. Lower alcohol and higher acidity make them refreshing, and the perfect companion for your "get ready for swim wear" diet, or salad and sea food on the terrace or… more 

A Lite French Breeze

June 2020

Following last months wines full of heavy reds from Spain, we wanted to bring in some (hopefully) warmer weather and sunshine with something lighter. Whites that crisp and reds that are perfect for an outdoor lunch. Something that says summer has arrived! So what better in the "fresh and crispy" category than a Sauvignon and a petit chablis. Both are full of minerals from the slate in their terroir making… more 

Corona del Toro

May 2020

As we slowly approach the end of  what has been something new for all of us, we decided to celebrate our upcoming freedom with the Crown of the Bull - or a box of Spanish wine from a Top Secret Spanish source. Our white wines this month focus on Verdejo. This is a very floral and aromatic wine, that will first take you to fields of flowers before coming around… more 

Hearty and Healthy

April 2020

Two special events this month for our members. First a new supplier from Vinohrady "Le Marche" bringing with him some lovely French wines and a potpourri of sea food delicacies. And, lets not forget that April 1th is international Malbec day ! Fire up that grill. Le Marche's owner is an old friend and fan of IWCoK. And as we all aspire for culinary goodness, his motto of "Tučné and… more 

Getting the Balance Right

March 2020

Firstly, I hope this note and the wines this month find you all in good health and with a manageable level of stress. It is not easy being locked away with such little interaction to the outside world apart from what we see on our screens. Lets hope this episode end soon, and we can all get back to what will be a new normal. It has to be better… more 

Land of cork

February 2020

One of things about enjoying a great wine is also the ceremony of opening the bottle, and of course pulling the cork.  It is this little piece of tree bark that holds the wine inside the bottle and lets it breath just enough. The most environmentally friendly product on earth - nothing dies in the process and it is 100% recyclable. A wine stopper for millenniums ! This month's box… more 

Welcome 2020

January 2020

Welcome to the 20's ! And with the start of the year when better to look at all the exciting things happening out there. Forget about Brexit, forget about the trade war, and forget about the impending doom of our environment. The really important news is this: Global wine consumption fell by 1% in 2019 for the first time in years - and this is good news ! Winemakers (and… more 

Time to relax

December 2019

As we move to the last days of 2019, now is the time to relax and forget about anything and everything that worried you this year. What better way to help you do that than sitting down with a lovely glass of wine from the best decision you made in 2019 -  IWCoK. This years holiday we have done our Christmas shopping with some old friends at Vino Vyhodne, a… more