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Jingle Jingle

December 2022

Where does the time go ?  Another Christmas holiday is on our doorstep and I still haven’t finished all the books I received last year. We did manage to finish all the wine though… So, if you are like me, we are in luck. December brings a new selection of delights for your holiday table. What did we do special for this December box ? Honestly – EVERYTHING. We are… more 


November 2022

Many things Arrive in November. For some it is the Beaujolais Nouveau (est arrive) or Svato-Martinsky or as simple as the November box from IWCoK. What ever camp you are in, we (as usual) have you covered with a selection of fresh wines that fit the spirit of “New, Light and Fresh”. This month’s whites are a mix of Austrian Veltliner, French Chardonnay and an Italian Pinot. All are crisp… more 


October 2022

Some things in life are best unchanged and To Be Continued. Most importantly your membership at IWCoK. So, we just wanted to give a special thanks to you all for your continued support. What are we celebrating this month?  Well, we have a couple of simple Slovenian wines that will be great for a glass or two mid- week, and move up through some serious French regions ending in Bordeaux… more 

Chasing Portuguese Sun

September 2022

This month we look west for a catch of fresh and sunny Portuguese wines all from a new IWCoK supplier – Organic Wines. Get ready for lots of Vinho Verde and big plum filled reds – Its’ Portugal time. The most iconic Portuguese white is without question Vinho Verde. Made primarily from Alvarinho, they come in a variety of presentations from inexpensive, low alcohol everyday wines, lightly effervescent wines and… more 

The South and the East

August 2022

This month we opened up a map of Europe and decided to travel to the extremes of the (wine) continent. Sure, we bring you some summer holiday favourites (Grillo, Chianti) but also some rarer varieties that we needed to travel a bit to find. South ern Italy is a good summer holiday spot, but how many of us get to the very bottom of Italy or the isle of Sardinia… more 

On the way to Balaton

July 2022

Some may prefer the shores of Balaton, others the hills of Brda or the northern plains of Serbia, but one thing for sure is those Central European countries to our south make some great wine, and this month we bring 4 Hungarian gems. White wine from Tokay is famous the world over and is stuck in our mind for making sweet, sticky wines. That is “So 2008”… Modern Tokay wines… more 

In the Steps of the Pope

June 2022

This month’s wine journey takes us to two locations that are famous not just because the make great wine, but also they were to home to many Popes in the last 1700 years. That’s a long time for good wine and probably why they are so good at it. Welcome back to The Rhone Valley and Sicily! We start this month with wines from the region around Châteauneuf-du-Pape located near… more 

Ready for summer

May 2022

Despite all that it is happening out there to try and bring us down, there is something that we can not deny, and that is that Summer is just around the corner. More sun, holidays, and a great time to drink some wine and not have to wake up too early the next day. Time to enjoy. To help with your summer relaxing, we have prepared a number of French… more 


April 2022

Nobody is a fool this April with a lovely mix of French wines from an old friend with a new shop - Vinodome. Expect a classic mix of reds from Bordeaux and light sunny whites from the south but a couple added bonus. The Grenache from Famille Descombe is one of those hidden treats. Full of flavour exploding in your mouth at a price we would expect to see 3… more