Past offers

Something for Everybody

December 2018

Christmas is full of surprises under the tree. But one thing that is no surprise at the IWCoK Christmas box is that their is something for everybody in our December selection. Looking at this years "Wish list", we have a fruity Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a blend that is so fresh that your mouth will forget what you just ate, and a Riesling so classy and delicious that you… more 

New Old Friends

November 2018

The story around our new supplier this month is an old one. Old in that we met for the first time over fives years ago, but never got "it" together. Lets just say we have both been busy... A real shame, because Foltyn Wines has a great portfolio from all over the world that we will try out this month. If anybody says white wines from Austria, these days they… more 

Viva España

October 2018

Now that we have summer behind us, it is time to get back to the heat. The sun, sea and hills of Spain is our October destination. This time round we decided to concentrate all our white wines around the north of the country and on a single grape - Verdejo. Light, crisp and straw colored, this is a great wine for sipping in any weather. Offering a great balance of… more 

Italian treasure

September 2018

Not yet winter, but summer is already getting ready to go. What better then to remember a few highlights of your holiday in Italy. And if you took a summer break in some other place this year, just pretend. For me the perfect Italian summer white is one thing - Trebbiano. With it's light color and taste, light alcohol level and just the right touch of acidity, this wine a… more 

Last summer days

August 2018

In this unusually hot summer, we all need something to keep us cool. Stay out of the sun, don't get bogged down in anything too heavy and drink light and refreshing wines! This is the IWCoK Survival strategy and it is brought to you from our friends at K2T. We decided to focus on Central Europe this August, and build a box around Riesling and Veltlin. Perfect white wines for… more 

Refreshing Portuguese summer

July 2018

Indeed we are sooo predictable. Every summer the same thing, and every summer we love it. Of course this is Vinho Verde from Portugal! What better way to sit out the heat of summer than with light, low alcohol wines that are crisp and clean. Sometimes a little sparkle, others a bit more acidity, but always a delight. We have two Vinho Verde in this months box. The fist a… more 

Balkan heat

June 2018

Everything about this months box is BIG and Balkan. Balkan as all the wines come from Bulgaria via our friends at VinaBG. But Big ? Big because Bulgarians like their wines strong! Not for the shy, the big red blends that they are famous for all rock up with an alcohol content of at least 14.5%. Indeed this is not wine for vegetables or humus.  Big because this box has… more 

Across the country

May 2018

Be it the Hills of Alsace, the valley of the Rhone, the southern cost or the planes of Bordeaux, we put a little bit of everything in this box. All with the help from our friends. Starting in the Alsacian hills, we have a lovely, "nutty" Pinot Blanc that is fast becoming my white wine of choice these days. Light acidity, fresh, floral and a short finish, it is so… more 

New into spring

April 2018

Spring is a bit cliché. Baby animals, new sprouts of life and once again a new IWCoK supplier !!! And come one, this is certainly better than bringing you wines from 2018. We are happy to introduce VinoDoc this month, who have brought us a fine selection of Italian wines from across the country. Expect to be as pleasantly surprised as I was with the quality and variety VinoDoc has… more