Past events

A Wild Sicilian Birthday Party


As crazy as it sounds, we are already five. And to celebrate, we did it in big Sicilian style. On June 16th, we filled the Konírna at Wine Food Market with friends, food, wine and surprises (not a fire, that was the night before). Just like our first ever club party, this one was an exclusive Baglio di Pianetto evening (even if Dario couldn't make it this time). With enough…

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Italian Femme Fatale


  Let us invite you to our Christmas warm up dinner to none other than one of Riccardo Lucque's celebrated restaurants. Our specially prepared menu will be served with some fantastic wines, this time exclusively from the hands of Italian woman winemakers. And to make it even better, all the wines will be served by one of the expert sommelier's from Aromi and La Finestra.   Come and be seduced....!!…

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Come to a Chilean Wine Tasting


We are privileged to be able to invite you to an exclusive tasting of Chilean wines from winery Santa Ema. Wines will be presented by resident oenology Rodrigues Blazquez and Santa Ema export manager Fernando Almuny. Some of you may remember Santa Ema from our June box, and our dinner tasting at Gran Fierro! The tasting will take place on Wednesday 16.9.2015 at 18,30  at Hotelu Hoffmeister*****, Pod Bruskou 7,…

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Christmas dinner with a gift


On  Wednesday, December 10, we held a real Christmas dinner for IWCoK members. And even though December is a real busy month for everybody, we still managed to pack the house. Who could resist the excellent French wine, a great flank steak (vegetarians got something that looked way too healthy instead) and the wonderful company that an IWCoK event always brings. This was the fist time we held an event…

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Sardinia in Prague


In October we tried to transfer you back for one more day of holiday. And although there was a last moment change of venue, restaurant Ichnusa Botega Bistro welcomed us into their  home. This small Sardinian restaurant impressed us with its amazing family summer atmosphere and great food and fabulous wines. We tasted a number of wines from the Murales winery. Wines were presented by the winemaker himself and also one of…

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Come for a drink


In May, after a long time we have organized another one of our "tasting" parties. This time it was not just about wine and food, as the majority, but also the role of the right glass:-)  Not that we broke it, but we wanted to introduce you to another interesting achievements of Wine Food Market.  Rony Plesl, famous Czech designer created in collaboration with Wine Food Market experts 8 hand blown glasses.…

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Day with the winemaker


When the IWCoK President celebrates his birthday, what do club members do? Well, they choose a place with excellent wine and they know will be a great party. It was off to Moravia to the winery Skoupil for a day with the master himself.  And because we are interested in the whole process of getting those grapes into something to drink, we decided to lend a hand. Accompanied by Mr. Skoupil, we all…

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Dinner at Na konci


For those who missed our dinner and drink event at restaurant Na Konci, I can only say, “I told you so”. Of course it proved to be a great night of food and wine. Honza and his team were ready, and cooked a fantastic 5 course extravaganza.  Personaly, I found the “Krevetová palačinka se salátem z hráškových výhonků a zázvorovo-karotkovou emulzí” (undoubtedly the most complicated pancake I have ever eaten…

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White Cheesy Tasting


For those of you who missed out on the White Cheesy Tasting last week at Winefood, here are just a few snaps of what a “Night” you missed. Not only did we go through 6 Pinot Bianco’s and (once again) a dish prepared by renound Italian chef Marco Fadigo, everybody present got a complimentary picture with the IWCoK tasting crown. (worth the price of admission alone!) Jakub Přibyl took us through…

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First club event


I hate to say it but, “I told you so” ! Last nights first ever IWCoK tasting was a swinging bash. So what did you miss ?  6 wines from Baglio di Pianetto served by none other than the distinguished Dario Rinaldi. Dario is the face man for this superb Sicilian winery, and he took us on a tour-de-force. White, red, smooth, heavy, fresh, complex – WE DID IT ALL (and from…

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