Day with the winemaker


When the IWCoK President celebrates his birthday, what do club members do? Well, they choose a place with excellent wine and they know will be a great party. It was off to Moravia to the winery Skoupil for a day with the master himself. IMG_7911

And because we are interested in the whole process of getting those grapes into something to drink, we decided to lend a hand. Accompanied by Mr. Skoupil, we all went in the morning vineyards to pick the 2013 vintage. Work was rewarded with lunch and we a few samples J Having been propery prepared, out picking speed did pick up thoughout the day. After all the „hard“ work, we then had a in the afternoon of the winery and a huge dinner and what seemed like an endless tasting that evening with Mr Skoupil.

Since the weather was nice as well, it was a truly exceptional experience in an extraordinary company of people. We also thank the wine Institute for their support of the event, because we are all now almost certified winemakers! :-)


PHOTOS from the event: