Keep it fresh for LONGER


We all go through phases. No surprise that one of those phases is a slump in our wine drinking after Winesave-261x300Christmas. You don’t want to open a bottle because all you want is a glass, and you know you will not finish the bottle before it goes bad. Others want to jump into their white wine phase, but their partner insists on a glass of red.

I don’t like opening bottles of red either that I know I won’t finish in the next day or two. Even with a pump, or special cork, wines don’t last once they are in contact with air – they oxidize.

So how about a simple, affordable solution that removes the air, and will keep your wine fresh for up to two weeks ? Check out Winesave.

Using the same principal as Coravin (the magical gadget that pours your wine without opening the bottle), Winesave puts an invisible layer of naturally occurring gas over your wine to keep it away from the oxygen inside the bottle.

Its safe, natural and one bottle of Winesave will give you about 100 “saves”.

And like all things IWCoK, we have a special price for anybody who needs that solution, or just a gift for the wine lover who already has everything.  Just 799 Kč.