PF 2019


The most important thing of all to say at this time of year is THANK YOU for being an IWCoK Member in 2018. Who would of believed that we would still be here 7 years later, and still bringing the same quality, variety and excitement to so many tables each month !?!  We didn’t ;-)

So looking back at the year, one of the new features that we introduced in our newsletter and flyers was the inclusion of a Vivino rating for each wine. Nothing scientific,  but another measure for members to compare their wine rankings with others.

So what were the best wines of last year?  That is a question you have to answer for yourself, but if we look back at the social media scores, we had two reds scoring 4.1 / 5 that tied for the top spot.

What may come as a surprise to some of you was the box with the highest overall score. Our Balkan Heat box in June was the overall winner in 2018 with an average score of 3.9. Not only did it include the Brantanov SSS, it also had the eXecentric Incanto with 4 / 5, and two wines from the Good Year winery that became one of our most requested wines of the year.

Lucky for us that your favorite wines last year came from 10 different countries ! Be it the Gruner Veltliner from Austria, or the Merlot from Australia, we covered the world to give you a box of new tastes and surprises every month.

PF 2019_2

We going to do the same 2019 – so sit back, relax, (tell your friends ;-)) and enjoy your new year celebration with IWCoK.