HOEL Coffee IWCoK partners


As members of IWCoK, we wanted to offer all you wine experts something for the morning after. Some delicious cafe and accompanying roasters!coffee

We are a small Czech roaster, which is trying to bring everybody to the wonderful world of coffee. Something for coffee lovers to expand their knowledge and for those who do not drink coffee, try out new horizons. We choose green coffee (always 100% Arabica) then roast it ourselves. Our current blends are true ambassadors from the the coffee world.

Brazilia Santos, a popular coffee bitter chocolate tones, Ethiopia Sidamo Guji with its flavors of flowers and citrus fruits, Indonesia Sumatra Lintong, light but distinctive Asian and Colombia Supremo coffee varieties Café Sofia, which offers fragrant taste with a pleasant acidity.

Inside your box you will find an Espresso blend with coffee Brazilia Santos, Ethiopia Sidamo and Colombia Supremo. This mixture can address a wide range of tastes and is very suitable for espresso.

And all IWCoK members can get a discount on all coffee of 5% on our e-shop. To order notes just write “IWCOK 5%.”

For more information, see us on www.hoelcoffee.cz or on Facebook Hoel Coffee.